The current market lacks a comprehensive line of movement support products that can effectively rival and surpass the quality and performance of McDavid support products. There is a demand for a new line of support products that are not only on par with McDavid but also offer enhanced features, superior durability, and innovative design. Users seek movement support solutions that provide optimal comfort, exceptional stability, and reliable injury prevention across various physical activities and sports. By developing a new line of movement support from scratch, incorporating advanced materials, ergonomic designs, and rigorous testing, there is an opportunity to establish a dominant presence in the market and meet the needs of users who are seeking top-tier support products that outperform the existing offerings.

Our solution focuses on developing a comprehensive line of support products that cater to the diverse needs of athletes, addressing their requirements for optimal protection, breathability, and support. By conducting thorough user research and understanding the specific demands of various sports and activities, we will design and engineer a range of products that strike the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. These support products will utilize advanced materials and innovative construction techniques to ensure superior protection against injuries, enhanced breathability to regulate body temperature, and targeted support for different areas of the body. Our aim is to deliver a line of support products that exceed the expectations of athletes, enabling them to perform at their best while maintaining the highest level of comfort and confidence.

Design manager leading a team of two industrial designers and interacting with product line managers, development, and sales

Adobe illustrator/photoshop, sketching, physical prototypes
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